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About PetroGroup

PetroGroup Realty Advisors, Inc. was established in 1997 by Joseph L. Petrole to serve the commercial real estate industry. PetroGroup’s primary objective is to provide the highest quality and results-oriented real estate services to investors and institutions in the areas of Valuation Advisory Services (VAS), which includes litigation support services, market analysis, and specialized services; transaction services, which include property sale, acquisition, and investment services; and capital market services, which include the identification and delivery of debt and equity to clients.

These three areas of service constitute the core of what the industry has come to define as Real Estate Investment Banking Services.


PetroGroup brings a balanced and focused approach to its business practice, embracing innovation and advances within the industry.

PetroGroup views real estate from an investment perspective, the same perspective as owners, buyers, and sellers of property. PetroGroup also views real estate from a market perspective, the same perspective as lenders, underwriters, appraisers, and counselors. We are familiar with client-derived investment criteria and the due diligence process.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality and results-oriented real estate services to our clients. To best service our clients, PetroGroup has formed strategic alliances within the real estate industry, resulting in a “seamless delivery” of services to our clients.

Our website highlights our assets, talents, and capabilities, as well as illustrates our experience in real estate. We look forward to working as an integral part of your team.

Sincerely, Joseph L. Petrole, CCIM, MAI



About Joseph L. Petrole, CCIM, MAI

With more than 39 years of professional experience in the commercial real estate and finance industries, Joseph has “been there, seen it and done that”. He has earned a BBA in Finance from the University of Miami, the MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute and the CCIM designation from the CCIM Institute. He is also a State of Florida Licensed Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Instructor and a Certified General Appraiser. Joseph has gained expertise in the following areas of Commercial Real Estate:

  • Real Estate Investment Banking Services
  • Sales, Finance & Capital Market Transactions
  • Preparation of Offering Memorandums & Underwriting Memorandums
  • Investment & Market Valuations
  • Retrospective & Prospective Valuations
  • Brokers Opinion of Value
  • Due Diligence Services for Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Forensic Audit & USPAP Compliance Services
  • Site Inspection & Site Selection Services
  • Comprehensive Appraisal Reviews
  • Litigation Support Services & Expert Witness Testimony
  • Market Research
  • Market Studies
  • Marketability Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Highest & Best Use Studies
  • Tenant Representation, Leasing & Lease Negotiation
  • Alternative Use, Property Repositioning & Exit Strategies
  • Published Author
  • Educational Instruction.

Evaluations and Testimonials from Students Attending the Commercial Seminar Program

"…I can’t speak highly enough of the Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Investment class. The instructor, Joseph Petrole, was a wealth of knowledge yet presented everything in a very clear manner. I was amazed at having someone with his experience teaching the class. I will definitely sign up for the next level seminar. My only wish is that it were tomorrow..."

Robert B.

Dear Mr. Petrole:
My name is David… I was a student in your Commercial Real Estate (Program)…I greatly
enjoyed your classes on commercial real estate. I have signed on with Keyes Commercial and am starting my CCIM classes. I have completed (some of the CCIM seminars). And it really was from your classes that I was able to do the CCIM classes as they really gave me the base of knowledge that I needed to keep up with the classes….….I just wanted to say thank you and for your (commercial real estate program and) classes.
They were invaluable…

Dear Joe,
Thanks again for putting together your Commercial Real Estate Investment Seminars. I
have been looking for something like your presentation for some time. There is the selling and there is the analysis. Anybody can get lucky with one buy or a sell. But then what do you do? How do you maximize the income from a property? Can a property even generate an income? The gurus of real estate that you see on TV, in the paper, etc. charge a lot of money and they don't tell you anything about what the numbers and terms mean or how to use them. The price for you class was reasonable, and the information is priceless. We constructed a Reconstructed Income and Expense Analysis, a Future Income & Expense Analysis, discussed and used Direct Capitalization, and Yield Capitalization, and then analyzed a non-Leveraged, and a Leveraged Property Analysis. It is a good feeling to finally have an understanding for how the banks look at numbers, derive Cap Rates, and assess risk in an investment venture.
Thanks again,

…I found your materials and your knowledge to be worth the money spent and look forward to attending your additional seminars later this month…

..I …was a guest from The Bahamas in your last class. I am eager to be a participant in the
next stage and would like to know if this will be scheduled before the end of the year. The
introduction to commercial real estate was of tremendous value to me personally…

“…I attended your Financial Investment Analysis for Commercial Real Estate course a little
over a year ago and found it to be extremely informative and beneficial to my career as a
commercial realtor..”.

“…You have re-inspired me to aggressively pursue the knowledge necessary for me to
become respected in the Commercial Real Estate Investment Valuation profession. As a
past math teacher for the Dade County School System and Miami-Dade Community
College, I am qualified to let you know that you are wonderful instructor and person and I
am immensely honored to be and continue to be one of your students…”

Hi Mel,
I just wanted to share with you that I have just finished attending a 2-day seminar on
Commercial Real Estate Analysis at Gold Coast. The visiting instructor delved into a
sample property for sale (10 unit rental property) and tore it apart at a level of an
Institutional Analyst. This was enlightening, because very, very few at an "Individual
Investor's level" bother to take this approach. Therefore, it was extremely informational -
teaching concepts of number crunching and the variables that determine a well thought
Investment. It delved way into the concept of CAPs (Direct Capitalization) - along with the pro and cons (depending who's side you're on) and a higher level breakdown: Yield
Capitalization - which is a yield analysis based on annual forecasting over a determined
(holding) term, hence computing accurate yields by way of current and future values.
In short, I found this seminar to be enlightening and an extremely powerful tool for
isolating property investment potential. I felt that you may want to explore offering this
course to members of (your firm) - perhaps on a regional (tri-county) level. The lecturer,
Joseph Petrole (President of PetroGroup Realty Advisors, Inc.), told me that (other real
estate firms) have requested him to take part in a seminar (presentation). I think it may be beneficial for Investors in our firm and interested Commercial Associates to exploit his knowledge to perform on a higher level. …If you have any questions, or want to see
material / course outline, please don't hesitate to call me.

“…I have attended the “Essentials” Commercial Seminar 1 and “Financial” Commercial
Seminar 2, and will be attending the “Acquisition and Wealth” Commercial Seminar at
the end of the month. First let me say that the seminars are great and packed with tons of
useful information in and easy to learn format. I am taking your advice with creating excel
sheets for investment models and it is going great…”

“…I would like to first thank you for sharing you expertise. I admire and respect the way in
which you delivered the information...”

“…I greatly appreciate your time. I was impressed with your instruction and knowledge…”

Dear Joe:
Like I said in class Sunday, you have inspired me to aggressively pursue the knowledge
necessary for me to become respected in the Commercial Real Estate Investment Valuation
profession As a past math teacher for the Dade County School System and Miami-Dade
Community College, I am qualified to let you know that you are wonderful instructor and
person and I am immensely honored to be one of your students. As my knowledge base
increase, I will always perceive you as being the foundation….I hope that you establish
additional seminars or expand on the ones you already have. You are well kept secret and
you should increase the price substantially for your seminars…Thank you very much for
sharing your years of knowledge and experience with me and my fellow students.

“…in your books I'm finding a lot of helpful information…”

”…Thank you for the great class! It was very inspiring and lets me know how much more
knowledge I want and need to acquire….Thank you again for the great information…”

“… I took your Commercial Real Estate Courses over the summer …great courses…”

“…Thank you for your time, insightful instruction and tools…”

“…thank you so much for the material and the insights that you shared during class..”.

“…I saw the commercial real estate investor class that you are offering and it sounds like
what I have been looking for…”

Hello Mr. Petrole,
I attended your Financial Investment Analysis for Commercial Real Estate course a little
over a year ago and found it to be extremely informative and beneficial to my career as a
commercial realtor. I am currently partners in a brokerage in Miami. ….
Thank you,

“…Thank you so very much for a wonderful learning experience. Last Saturday's class was
really terrific. Your a very professional gentlemen. EXCITING!....Thanks for sharing Joe.
I'll see you again...”

“…I thoroughly enjoyed your “Essentials” commercial real estate seminar on Saturday. I'm
looking forward to the “Financial” Commercial Seminar …”

“…very excellent classes…”

“…I wanted to thank you first for a very thorough and informative class that I truly
enjoyed… I look forward to attending your 2 other related 2-day classes…”

“…Your seminar was extremely helpful…”

“…I enjoyed meeting you last week at the seminar. More importantly, I found your class
very informative and look forward to attending the level two classes on October 24th…”

“…Thank you for teaching these courses. I am learning much, and am eagerly awaiting the
“Acquisition and Wealth” Commercial Seminar … Thank you. ..”

I greatly appreciate your time yesterday after class. I was impressed with your instruction
and knowledge. I wish you all the best with the publishing of your text. I'm looking
forward to the next two classes. I'll most likely attend in Boca Raton.
Buono Fortuna,

“…Your class today (Essentials Commercial Seminar) was very informative as well as useful
for my career in commercial real estate; you possess a great wealth of knowledge…”.

“…I enjoyed your class last Saturday. I will be calling to schedule the “Financial”
commercial seminar . I just wanted to thank, you will see me soon…”

“…Thank you again for such a rewarding commercial seminar. I personally picked up
several tips…”

“…I recently attended your “Essentials” course on Saturday and found the material to be
very comprehensive and organized. I plan to attend the “Financial” course in August….”

“…I really enjoyed you teaching the course on Saturday!”

“…Thank you very much for the Commercial Real Estate classes. I enjoyed them very
much and found them to be very useful…”

“…Thank you for an outstanding class. The class answered several questions for me and
gave me a better understanding of commercial investments...”

Good Morning Joseph,
I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me during the
“Financial” seminar. I am aiming to become an expert in commercial real estate finance (as
you) and you were able to clarify many of my questions. With a little effort and dedication
those numbers will not be so frightening anymore.
Best regards,

Hi Joe,
I attended your Commercial seminar on 11/28 & 11/29. It was very well done and I
understand so much more now.

Good morning, I hope the day finds you well. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how instrumental you classes have been to my real estate education development. It was good to finally find a source of information that provided real world information and tools and not just theory and law. I am excited to incorporate tools you have provided us and they will serve as the foundation not only for my personal real estate future but also for my clients. Once again thank you and I wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Just a quick note to thank you for the information that you shared with us last Saturday at
your seminar. It was informative and smooth. It is obvious that you are good at what you

" I have been in the industry for 10 years but most of my deals were residential. Attending the Commercial Course at Gold Schools gave me the confidence to represent buyer and/or seller on commercial deals. The instructor makes the material come to life with real cases discussion.

Great course! "

Felix B.