Providing Outstanding Real Estate Investment and Advisory Services

PetroGroup Realty Advisors, Incprovides outstanding services in the following areas:

The vision of the Commercial Real Estate Program is to be the “knowledge building blueprint” that provides the education necessary to build the professional skills which bridge the gap and increase worth between entry level students and advanced level practitioners in the area of commercial investment real estate. The Program consists of a series of seminar modules presented in various formats including one and two day 7 hour presentations, all based upon manuscripts, including published manuscripts, written by the author Joseph L. Petrole, CCIM, MAI. These manuscripts included “Essentials of Commercial Real Estate”, “Financial and Investment Analysis for Commercial Real Estate”, “Acquiring Commercial Real Estate and Building Wealth” and “Income, Return and Value-Mastering Financial Architecture”. Participants can either attend the 4 seminar program, attend a specific seminar, participate in Webinar Modules or purchase the manuscripts which are utilized in the seminars. The Manuscripts, Seminars and Commercial Real Estate Program are designed to be flexible enough for individual use, in a seminar series, for educational credit and general investment or licensing information.

Litigation support services encompass all areas of our expertise, which may be utilized by legal counsel or court of law. We have significant experience and a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of our core services and can successfully employ our expertise in a courtroom setting in the capacity of an expert witness, including depositions, testimony, and counseling.

PetroGroup has developed Comprehensive Appraisal Review services, which are regularly used by financial institutions, lenders, regulators, and litigation support. It is a counseling tool that clients can rely on for an unbiased opinion of appraisal report compliance. We have prepared hundreds of Comprehensive Appraisal Reviews domestically and internationally and are recognized experts. 

Review Process – The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (FIRREA) requires compliance with USPAP. We have developed a proprietary comprehensive review format that indicates compliance with each of these regulatory requirements by way of a checklist. The checklist contains ±120 questions, which are based on specific sections of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

VAS services include market valuations, investment valuations, prospective valuations for proposed properties, retrospective valuations for existing or proposed properties, portfolio valuations, valuation of partial interests such as those in a limited partnership, brokers' opinion of value, non-valuation advisory, and consulting and review services.

Market analysis services are a core component of valuations, transaction (sales) offering memorandums, and capital market (financing) underwriting memorandums. A key component in any development decision, market analysis encompasses a hierarchy of interrelated studies including Market Studies, Marketability Studies, Feasibility Studies, Highest and Best Use Studies, Alternative Use Studies, Exit Strategy Studies, and Investment Analysis. Market analysis provides the credibility for opinions of value required by buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, underwriters, and other users of real estate.

Specialized services are custom-designed for a particular valuation, litigation, or other specific client or engagement need. These services include establishing fair market rent for lease negotiations and arbitration; determination of economic damages resulting from construction delays or deficiencies; and evaluating economic, market, and property-related risk factors for investors and lenders utilizing sophisticated real estate market cycle forecasting techniques.

Transaction services are real estate brokerage services provided on behalf of a principal, either a seller or buyer of real estate. As an agent for the owner-seller, PetroGroup’s role is to determine the appropriate market position and price and then close investment-grade property transactions. As an agent for the buyer, PetroGroup’s role is to understand and implement the buyers’ acquisition objectives, identify and price, and then close investment-grade property transactions. Transaction services also include the preparation of offering memorandums, transaction advisory services, and transaction due diligence services. Certain transaction services are implemented through PetroGroup Capital Advisors, Inc.

Capital market services are mortgage brokerage and capital structuring services provided on behalf of a principal, usually a borrower of capital. Capital may be in the form of debt, mezzanine, or equity financing. Our expertise includes the ability to locate and secure capital. Capital market services include the preparation of underwriting memorandums, capital advisory services, and capital due diligence services. Certain capital markets services are implemented through PetroGroup Capital Advisors, Inc.

Evaluations and Testimonials From Clients

Dear Joseph, “…The work you performed on our behalf in the Promenade [500,000 square foot shopping center] evaluation hearings, commencing with the preparation of the appraisals, was superior and the expertise and professionalism you showed during the course of the hearings as both a witness and advisor was outstanding…”




President (Principal of Shopping Center Development Firm)

…I had the pleasant opportunity to work with Joe Petrole on an eight figure appraisal and trial in the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida. Joe did a very good job in both the appraisal phase, pre-trail discovery phase and trial phase of the case. ...Joe’s professional demeanor, coupled with his thoughtful and insightful responses, caused Joe to be a very credible and persuasive witness…




Esquire (Partner of National Law Firm)

…I have had occasion to work with Mr. Petrole in the past and have found him to be not only a competent appraiser, but a sophisticated witness in a trial proceeding…


Esquire (Partner of National Law Firm)

…Not only were we pleased with Joe’s work product, but we also received a number of complements regarding Joe’s work from outside our organization. The first came from the Capital Markets Group of Insignia; as they were establishing their team for national property marketing and finance, their analysts was unable to correctly input data and value the Bank of America Tower in Miami. We sent Joe to New York to work directly with Insignia’s analysts and he corrected the problem. His team oriented approach to the problem and his work resulted in the successful sale of this landmark property. On another occasion, Aztec made a presentation in partnership with Eastdil, arguably the most successful international investment banking firm in the world, to sell the Airport Corporate Park. While we did not receive the assignment, the President of Eastdil remarked that Joe has written the best market study he has ever read…




Dear Joe: Congratulations superstar. What a job!




Esquire (Principal of National Law Firm)

...Mr. Petrole is technically astute…


Managing Director (National Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Firm)

…I was assigned to be Manager of the Special Projects area of the Appraisal Division, Coast Federal Bank. This responsibility meant that I would be in charge of hiring independent real estate appraisers throughout the United States to evaluate problem properties that Coast has in its portfolio. These would all be difficult assignments since most of the properties were economically impacted and located in areas far from our home base in California. …The problem properties that Coast had in Southern Florida were of major proportions such as shopping centers, office buildings and industrial complexes. In an active market, these assignments would have been difficult; in an economically depressed market, these assignments were near impossible. I found all my dealings with Joe Petrole to be reasonable and professional. The assignments were completed in a business like manner and his reports were extremely useful to Coast’s Legal and Asset Management departments. It was a good feeling to receive well documented and professional real estate appraisal reports on properties that we could not easily inspect and evaluate. I was in charge of the staff appraisers that read each and every independent appraisal report. Our staff indicated that reading a Petrole appraisal report was an educational experience and they learned what a well written, thoroughly documented, appraisal report should be like. We never hesitated to direct assignments to Joe Petrole when the issues were presented to us. …I am reluctant to recommend many appraisers since so many individuals whom I have known and seen their work have disappointed me. Yet with Joe Petrole, I feel that I am on very solid ground and I will not hesitate in my recommendations of his work. He is a true professional in every sense of the word. His reports are well written, through and logically justifiable. …




Vice President (California Based Bank)

…I have always been impressed by Joe’s professional attitude and quality performance. He has shown himself to operate on the highest level…


Vice President (Florida Based Bank)

Dear Joe:

We have received and reviewed the marketability study and feasibility analysis you prepared on the Il Villagio [a super-luxury oceanfront condominium]. The analysis was detailed and insightful. The finished report is a professionally prepared, unbiased third party opinion as to the value of the property, and the current state of the luxury condominium market. South Beach is a very dynamic market undergoing a great deal of change. We were impressed with your ability to narratively and quantitatively examine all the market forces currently taking place. In particular, the case studies on competing properties are so useful that we intend to incorporate some of this data into our own financing memorandum.


It was a pleasure to work with professional who can produce a high quality work product and maintain agreed upon time schedules. We look forward to continued business between our respective firms.


Very Truly Yours,

M. D. Z.

Managing Director (National Real Estate Investment Banking Firm)